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Customer Service

We offer excellent customer service to our clients, from every sector of the building industry, who benefit from our personalised approach. We encourage involvement from the conception of a project to ensure appropriate strategies can be implemented for successful outcomes


15 years of experience directly involved with the building compliance sector extending across the metropolitan area of Western Australia professionally undertaking the roles of Building Surveyor and Senior Building Surveyor for different local governments during this time.

Central office location servicing all of the Northern metropolitan area in Western Australia.

Access to qualified and accredited consultants.

Comprehensive and diverse range of services

Extensive knowledge-base of local building compliance matters

Extensive network of contacts in the local government sector

Competitive rates

our services

Building Approvals can cut through the red tape process efficiently therefore reducing your building approval times to enable you to get your building completed and occupied sooner.

Saves you time and money.

Here’s what we can prepare and issue:


  •  Certificate of Design Compliance (CDC) – for proposed buildings
  •  Certificate of Construction Compliance (CCC) – for completed buildings
  •  Certificate of Building Compliance (CBC) – for retrospective approvals/ unauthorised buildings

Applications to Permit Authority for

  •  Building Permit – for proposed buildings
  •  Occupancy Permit- for completed buildings
  •  Building Approval Certificate- for retrospective approvals/unauthorised buildings

0431 987 588

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